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You are searching for driving lessons London ? You don’t know where is the best driving school in London? Which school provides the cheapest driving lesson? Come to right place! With our many years experience instructors, we offer high quality driving lessons in London with very cheap learning fee. All of our course are applied guaranteed pass policy, so if you live in London and want to learn a driving lesson at a competitive price. Let’s book online our driving lessons London now in 10 seconds!

Quality Assurance Concept

Not only provide driving lessons  -We are a safe partner

Earning UK driving licence is interesting feeling but also important milestone. We have one more matured & qualified new driver in our transportation network, this milestone giving him freedom and independence. However according to UK government report, teens are facing with danger and risk after they got the driving licence.

  • 40% of traffic citation are made by teen every year in the UK
  • 12% of  police-reported collision every year are about them
  • Traffic accident are the #1 cause of injuriousness in the UK

Driving lesson in London is very easy to find in the UK now, but our driving school still has a lot of student choosing our service. May be they know that our driving lessons London are specialized for the London driving test, so all of our lessons contain the most faced situation in UK driving test. After participating this course, we make sure that all of the cases that you can face in the real driving test are introduced to you in our course before. You don’ have to spend too much time, money and effort to have an driving licence, let us show you the easiest way to get it with the least resource as possible.

Benefit when you join our driving lessons in London

Why do you choose us from other driving schools in London? Here are reasons why:

  • If you don’t have vehicle to go to school, we will pick you at a specific place and time that you required before. It may be your home, office or your school.
  • Be trained by qualified driving instructors from DVSA, we have above 100 instructors who  are accredited knowledge and experience by DVSA now.
  • If you already join our course and don’t like our driving lessons in the first day, we will refund immediately.
  • We use modern and up-to-date car for our driving lessons in London, so we make sure that you will have the best driving experience ever. Now, we have Porches, Audi, and BMW cars in our collection now!
  • You can pick your driving instructors  for yourself. You can choose male or female instructor for your driving lessons with no extra fee. All of them are careful, friendly and enthusiasm, you will love the time staying with us!
  • Our driving syllabus includes theory, manual and automatic driving lessons, hazard perception, free extra resource such as driving video, E-book, question & answer about driving law.
  • Guaranteed pass in the driving test, if any student fail, we will pay back money within 2 days. But in 17 years training of our school, there is no student fail yet.
  • When you subscribe our driving lessons, you will get a gift voucher which values up to $10
  • No extra fee when you decide to learn at the weekend or evening, holiday time. If you subscribe at other schools, you have to pay extra tuition fee to the instructor for over-time working.


Contact our driving lesson in London center:

Our school works from to from monday to friday.

Our head office: London, UK




Pricing of 3 driving lessons London plan:

Each person has different demand and requirement so we offer many pricing plan that can fit with many kind of student.  Currently we have 3 pricing plan for you to choose, see what course are suitable for you here:

Course 1:

Detail: The detail of course 1

Cost: $100

Course 2:

Detail: The detail of course 1

Cost: $100

Course 3. 

Detail: The detail of course 1

Cost: $100

Book your driving course today to pass the test in easy with us!


Feedback of student about our driving lesson London:

Here our student feedback:

Johnathan: I like the way instructor train me how to drive a car in correct way. It make me confident and comfortable when learning. I will suggest my friends to learn here!

Ethan: Oh, what I’m really interested in here is the cars. They are awesome! May be I will buy a similar one ! (smile)

Harry: I had so un-confident before the test, but the instructors nervous me so much. I passed the test with a very high score. I want to say thanks for him!

Daisy: This is the best driving lesson in London that I have joined. I have joint 3 schools before but I can’t pass yet. Luckily I find this school from a friend and now I have a driver licence!

Read more feedback from other student about our driving lessons in London

Areas that our driving school covered

  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham
  • Nottingham
  • Manchester
  • Hook
  • Essex
  • Leeds
  • Glasgow
  • Leicester
  • Sheffield
  • Southampton
  • Cardiff


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