Driving lessons

With many years of training people not only to pass driving test but also mature their driving skill, we proud of our high quality & well organized driving lessons.  Doesn’t like other other driving school focusing hiring too many low experience driving instructors, we have spent several months to train instructors ourselves.  In this way, now we have more than 100 mature instructors who have many experience in teaching pupils in the UK.

Driving lessons now are available everywhere, so why should you choose us? Here are some important reasons could answer your question:

Till 2015, DVSA has qualified and accredited 100% of our driving instructors. What does it mean? It is an evidence that you will learn to driving as well as pass driving test by experience and knowledgeable trainers from us not trainee driving instructors like other school.

When we said 1 hour, it means 60 minutes ad 3600 seconds. Your learning time is exactly fit with the amount you subscribed before.

Don’t let old & cars affect your driving skill. We offer Porches and Audi for all of students for a better driving experience.

You want to  be trained by female instructors ? It is ok with our female instructors who take 30% of our total human resource.

We provide intensive driving courses for who want this exclusive offer.

When you join our training course, you will get free theory example and hazard perception test from us

If you miss any lesson, we will send you a full lesson video to your email. So won’t miss any lesson in your course.

You are student and want to save money? We offer competitive pricing plan for you below.

Driving lessons pricing plan:




Areas you can reach our driving lessons:







What student said about us:

Very good service!