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The demand for driving lessons Leeds is increasing day by day, finding a high quality driving lesson with cheap price is no longer difficult for you with our service. You won’t need to search for driving lessons Leeds anymore because we offer automatic driving lesson in Leeds at a competitive price. Everything you have to do through this course is follow our guide line and then we will help you pass the driving test with high score easily.

The driving lessons Leeds syllabus:

Driving Theory lessons: 

Our theory driving lessons will be divided  into 2 parts that fit with the theory test: Multiple choice part and Hazard perception part.

  • Multiple choice part : You will receive our driving theory document include The Highway Codethis document will give you the basic knowledge about many rules in the Code. The second document that you will need to prepare for the driving theory test is about Traffic signswhich contains the rules for directing, informing and controlling the behavior of drivers. Finally, you will learn the driving essentials skill with us many essentials skills about safe driving.
  • Hazard perception part:  Hazard is anything that could make you reduce speed or stop on the road, in our driving theory lessons you will learn about the definition of hazard, clues that could lead to a hazard, scanning the scene, re-act to the hazard, …. with gaming format so your learning process will be very comfortable and all of difficult concepts are easy with our syllabus.

Here is the theory test cost table:

Practical Driving lessons: 

With many people practical driving test is the most difficult part of the driving test, we understand who, why and how you get hard to approach this test. Understanding the paint point of students, we design a special driving course which is optimized for each possible driving test cases. Our practical driving lessons include all of issues that you could face in the driving test. Our driving lessons Leeds include: eyesight check practice ( you won’t allow to take the driving test if you fail this check) , vehicle safety question, driving skill ( reversing around the corner, parking, turning in the road, ….). With 1 vs 1 training method, we are success with 100% pass rate in recent 5 years. So you can trust in our practical driving syllabus and our  experienced driving instructors.

The reason why you should choose our driving lessons:

If you search for the keyword ”driving lessons Leeds” on google you can find a dozen of driving schools provide this kind of service. However with 10 years experience in driving training, we ensure that you will be satisfied with our professional driving lessons. Here are some highlight of our service:

  • You have right to choose where we will pick you up: school, home or your office.
  • Our driving instructors numbers is more than 100 , they are all certificated by DVSA so you can trust in the knowledge of our driving instructors.
  • We offer all of our student refund service: You can join our class in the 1st day, if you don’t like about our driving lessons, you can request us to cancel the course and we will refund you immediately.
  • Old and ageing car for driving training can affect your performance so unlike other driving school in Leeds, we use new car for training all of our students. You can enjoy the driving lessons in a modern car , we believe that our service quality is the main reason many of our students advice their friend, family members to join our school.
  • All of our driving instructors are very friendly, sense of humor and willing to share with you your difficulty . You can choose male or female instructor for your driving lessons with no fee added.
  • Collecting the experience of our student and instructor, we design a special driving syllabus that help you deal with all of possible issue can happen in the driving test. With us, the driving test can’t surprise you with anything.
  • Our policy is guaranteed pass for all of our student, if anyone fail the driving test they can manage to re-book the driving lessons for free. However there is no one need this policy in our history, all of our students pass the driving test at the first time.
  • You are student, office staff, …? You don’t have time to learn driving in from Monday to Thursday? You can join our weekend driving lessons in Leeds with no higher cost. Cool? 😀
  • Each student join our lesson will get $10 gift voucher to use for your course.

Cheapest driving lessons in Leeds, high quality service

The cost of driving lessons in Leeds could be different with  many driving schools, depends on the time, syllabus, cars, instructors, … But with our school, you trust in our highest quality service , customized time, special syllabus, new cars for training …

Here is our pricing plan for driving lessons in Leeds, see what course are suitable for you:

Course 1:

Detail: The detail of course 1

Cost: $100

Course 2:

Detail: The detail of course 1

Cost: $100

Course 3. 

Detail: The detail of course 1

Cost: $100

Review of students who learn our driving lessons

Kath: Good support. With the series of driving lessons that I learn in Leeds, I found that driving is not difficult as I though before. I will introduce your service to my friends.

Ann: The instructors here are very handsome, it’s pity that I can’t have more time to stay together with them.

Bun: I have new idea about your driving course, although everything is good now but it is better if you can organize the course in gaming format which will engage student to learn more about driving.

Jasmine: Hi, your service is good, finally I pass my driving test without any difficult, thanks for help. If anyone of my friends want to learn driving, of course I will introduce your school.

Bruce: I work at bank so it is difficult for me to have time to learn driving from Monday to Friday. But your school gives me weekend driving lesson Leeds, I wen to learn driving without planing to be absent in my work. Thanks!

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