Choosing a secondhand snowmobile in easy

Anytime you are buying a secondhand snowmobile there is risk involved. No one really can tell for sure as to the care the snowmobile has had by its previous owner or owners. Fortunately there are some good indicators that will give you some indication of the care or non-care that it has experienced.

1. Hood – take a look at the hood first thing, if the used snowmobile is not its original color or has a hood with no decals or the non stock decals, then the hood has most likely been replaced from an accident of some sort. Ask for details on how it happened.

2. Handlebars – Inspect the handlebars closely, especially around the base of the neck. Is it straight, or does it look like it has been beaten back into shape with a hammer? If so, it has most likely been rolled.

3. Oil – Check the oil container and see if there is oil in it. If it is empty, that tells you how well the current owner kept track of the oil level.

4. Track – first take a look at the mileage of the sled. It’s easy right? Choosing a secondhand snowmobile is not difficult as you think.

Then take a look at the track. If the snowmobile only has 900 miles on it, and the track is very worn down, it would be an indicator of hard use or running it on surfaces other than snow.

5. Skis – how do the skis look? Take a good look at the edges. Some bending is inevitable, but if they are really banged up or bent, it has probably been riden very hard. If the skis look new, then ask why they replaced them.

These are not the only items to inspect when purchasing a secondhand snowmobile, but a quick look at all of these will give you a real good idea if you should continue to look elsewhere.


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