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Our driving lessons in Manchester isn’t just help you pass the driving test, we know that a quality driving lesson will give you a mature driving skill and knowledge. Everyone nowadays in Manchester can easily search on Google : “driving lessons Manchester” and get hundred results about driving lessons from many driving school in Leeds. However, after learning these course, can you pass the driving test? Can you have a safe driving skill, remember all of the highway code? That is another story that you have to consider about before deciding to join any class.

Drive safe, drive easy, drive effective!

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Introduce the driving lesson in Manchester:

Our driving school is the biggest driving center in Manchester, we always offer the highest quality driving lessons at a competitive cost. After 10 years experience in driving training, we have proved that our school is the best destination for learning to drive in Manchester. At our school, you will find out the different in the driving lesson’s quality whereas there are more and more driving school with low quality driving lessons in Manchester.

How do I prepare for driving lessons?

In order to have driving licence , you have to apply for a provisional driving licence first by using Government gateway ID. Beside, a provisional driving licence will be given you if you:

  • A citizen of Great Britain
  • Pass the eyesight check
  • Over the minimum age requirement
  • You are not banned to learn driving from government
  • Having identity paper such as  passport

Another thing that you should now is the minimum age that you can apply for the provisional driving licence is 15 years 9 months. And and will be allowed to driving a car if you are at least 17 years old.

Our driving lessons commitment 

  • Our pricing in website is the latest cost and you will not have to pay any extra fee during the driving lessons.
  • All of cars we use for training is new 100%
  • We have both male and female driving instructors, you can choose which one you prefer
  • In your driving lesson there is only one student per one driving instructor. You should aware with some driving school give 3 or 4 student for just 1 instructor and this could lead to the low score in the driving test.
  • If you don’t have vehicle to go to our school, you can ask us to pick you up at your home, school or office .
  • Refund immediately without any reason. You can request we refund if you don’t like our course after 1 day join our driving lessons.

How much does driving lessons Manchester cost?

Our pricing here is everything that you have to pay, we sure that there is no extra amount during your driving lesson.

Course 1:

Detail: The detail of course 1

Cost: $100

Course 2:

Detail: The detail of course 1

Cost: $100

Course 3. 

Detail: The detail of course 1

Cost: $100

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What student said about our driving lessons

Lucy: Before joining this driving lessons, I feel driving is something too complicated and dangerous. However, the instructors and high quality syllabus have changed my mind. I was ready for the course, improve my skill step by step.

Tracy: Every lesson is a interesting trip with me. Love the way that the instructors teach us. Thank you!

Alice: I just sit in the car and follow the guide and passing the driving test is a good result with me.

Haily: Good service

Michael: Good driving course.

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