Frequently Answers & Questions about driving test


What is the minimum age that I have to exceed to get a provisional driving licence?

Your 17th birthday is the milestone that you can start to learn drive , however you can apply for the provisional driving licence if it’s up to three months beofore to your 17th birthday.
When it comes to applying for your provisional licence you can either do so online or by post by
completing a D1 application form which you can get from a Post Office or by ordering one.

Will I have to wait until I turn 17 to take the theory and driving test?

Yes, to take the theory and driving test you have to turn 17 years old.

Driving lessons and theory test, which one that I should start first?

We advice you  that you book your theory test first and then start lessons while waiting for your theory test date. In our driving lessons, the practical experience that you practice with our driving instructors will help you understand the theory and hazard perception element of learning to drive. This will greatly assist you in passing the theory test and hazard perception test first time

I heard that the minimum age for driving being raised from 17 to 18. Is it true?

Every year, worried teenagers send us many enquiries on this topic to us. There are currently no such plans. So there is nothing to worry about!!!

Hourly driving lessons and intensive driving course, What should I participate?

The fastest way to pass the practical test is taking the intensive driving course. These courses are popular because tuition is taken over 6 days enabling everything learnt to remain fresh in your mind. Your 6 day intensive driving course will culminate in a practical test arranged by our school.


Do I need to bring anything at the first driving lesson?

Provisional driving licence and the fee for the our lesson are everything that you will need to bring to the first lesson. If you need have any voucher please give us to get the lessons at the best price. Please also bring along any glasses/contact lenses if you need to wear them, and sensible footwear!

Is your service door to door?

Yes, you can choose where that we will pick you up: Your home, college or work place.

How many student that I will study together in a car?

There are only 1 student and 1 instructor in a car in our driving lesson. We offer 1 to 1 course so you don’t need to worry about this.

How long does the driving lesson last?

Normal driving lessons can be 1 hour or 2 hour, it’s entirely up to you. We recommend 2 hour driving lessons as this will give your instructor more time to take you further away from your home and over test routes. Beware some schools do 45 minute lessons and charge you for a full hour.

To pass the test, how many driving lessons that I have to learn?

This depends on how many driving lessons you take in a week. You will need fewer lessons overall if you take 2-3 driving lessons per week or an intensive driving course. According to The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency: “Those who pass their driving test have had on average, about 45 hours of professional training, combined with 22 hours of private practice.”

How can I prepare for theory test?

For your theory test preparation, you can  visits our free resource: Official Highway Code, Mock Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test. We also do one to one lessons in our air conditioned classroom in Wimbledon for a very reasonable charge- For further information, please contact us by phone, email or live chat.

Do you  think qualified driving instructors will have better training?

Yes. All our male and female driving instructors are licensed by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). All of them have at least 3 years experience in training driving skill.

I want to be guided by a female instructor

It’s ok, we have many female instructors that are qualified and experient.

I want to use automatic car for my driving lessons.

Yes. There are many dual controlled automatic cars in our school.  Automatic lessons are becoming increasingly popular as the roads become more and more congested. With Automatic Driving Lessons, you can enjoy clutch-free driving. This has the advantage of making the physical job of driving easier, you can have more time to focus on what is happening in the road during the driving lessons.

Does your school have guaranteed pass policy?

No driving school can guarantee a pass. Driving Examiners are very experienced, impartial and professional and will test you fairly. The so-called “Guaranteed Pass” is a ploy used by some discreditable organisations to entice you to learn with them. However, Britannia does have a very high pass rate, well above the national average. Don’t just take our word for it, read through our hundreds of testimonials from successful pupils!

 I want to join one week intensive driving course

We offer one week intensive driving course. You can check it here.

I can’t keep calm when driving, I worry that I won’t pass the driving test.

Our instructors have had lots of experience in dealing with nervous pupils. They know that nervousness is completely normal and we do have instructors who are especially trained to teach the most anxious learners. All our instructors are friendly, patient and understanding and will help you build your confidence by teaching you on nursery routes at first. As your confidence grows they will progress you to intermediate routes and finally to advance routes.


You can check the pricing plan here: Driving lesson cost


Practical driving and theory test is so difficult to book, could you book it for me?

Yes, of course. You just need to book online here , we will do all of paper work for you.

How much is the theory and driving test cost?

You can visit our theory test cost and driving test cost for the detail.

Where are the driving and theory test centres located?

You can check it out at our driving and theory test centres network.

How long is the theory test valid?

You will have a valid theory licence for 2 before taking a new one.

What should I do if I’m not familiar with the different car at the driving test?

Actually, you can use the car that you take the driving lessons for  your driving test. According to our experience, you have a far better chance of passing if you use your instructor’s car. Pupils who turn up in their own vehicles are usually those who have had no professional driving tuition, or are so dangerous the driving school has not let them use their vehicle. The examiner will be aware of this from the beginning and it’s likely to make him / her nervous.

I’m not sure that I can enter the driving test

You don’t need to worry about that. At our driving school, when you are near driving test standard, your instructor will give you a mock driving test, and advise you accordingly.If you ready for the driving test, you will be able to drive consistently well and with confidence – without the guidance and assistance of their instructor.

Could you tell me the most common reason that causes the driving test failure?

It’s the fact that most of failed students are lack of practice and observations. You can read our tips: The most common reason that make you fail the driving test 

How long that I have to wait for taking driving test?

There is a different waiting time for driving test between different areas in the UK. The period could range from a few weeks  to 8 months. You can check your common waiting time at your area by call, email, live chat with us. We also provide the driving test booking service.

3. Other question

How can I get insured?

You can leave us your contact through telephone, email or live chat we will call you soon for useful information.

Pass plus driving course?

You can check it our here:

How can I exchange my non UK driving licence for a UK one?

You should check it out here