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Our driving Theory Booking service

Theory test is one of the most difficult part of the driving test, to make sure that you will pass your driving theory test with minimum fuss, we provide you with dedicated theory training and 1:1 support throughout the entire course. Therefor, you could believe in our reliable service without any worry about the delay and changing in your schedule.

We has ‘trainer booker’ status with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) which allows us to pre- book your theory test, ensuring it will take place on the same week as your course. When you have passed your driving theory you can then apply for your practical driving test.

Whenever you need our support, you can contact directly to our number to get the immediately respond of our dedicated team.

driving theory test

Our driving Test Booking service

See how we fast track tests

According to our 10-year-experience, most of driving student  who taking their driving test can be stressful so it makes good sense to use a qualified company that will support you through the entire learning process.

We often get asked how we manage to move our customers tests so quickly, when there is a national waiting list of up to 3 months. The answer is simple – we have a dedicated fast tracking team (located at our head office) who are in contact with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) test booking centre, all day every day!

Our reputation has been built by offering exceptional customer service and it is our commitment to fast track all our customers tests to a slot 75% sooner than the national waiting list.