Hi everyone, it is my pleasure when you visit this ” About ” page to find some information about this blog owner. 🙂 There is nothing here except a handsome guy, love singing and cry frequently =)) just kidding! Haha.

In short words, my name is Steve.   I’m currently a marketer being in charge of optimizing website with search engine (SEO). With 3 years experience in this field, I think my job is so interesting and meaningful with every business. Why did I said that?

So what is SEO?  SEO is a way to promote your product to your potential customers through search engine. For example, now when a person ( especially student) wants to get a driving licence in London, they will search on Google : ”Intensive driving course London” or ”driving lessons London’‘ . And Bammmm! On the search result, my website is on 1st position. They click in my website and access the information on it, which is your driving school number, address, pricing plan, guaranteed pass policy, …. They call and you will have customers immediately!

Promote website to search engine, specially google, is my work. You just need to deal with thousands of customers! Rocket your business with me by just buying me a coffee everyday.

Contact now to place all of your information you want in my website!!!!



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