Dispose of human waste properly. The use of portable toilets is highly recommended. If no portable toilet is available, solid body waste and urine should be buried in a hole six to twelve inches deep. The disposal site should be located well away from streams, campsite, and other use areas. Toilet paper should be placed in a small plastic bag and put into your camp trash bag. Pack out your trash (and a little extra). Do not leave or bury trash at campsites. If you pack it in, pack it out.

Transferring Waypoint Coordinates to Your GPS Unit It is easy to transfer the waypoint coordinates in this book to your GPS, but because of the vast number of makes and models (Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Furuno), as well as the various computer operating systems (Windows, Apple, Linux), and the myriad software applications available (Terrain Navigator, Fugawi, GPS TrackMaker), we cannot offer one explanation that will work for everyone. The process of creating a route, however, is similar in all cases: either enter the map coordinates directly into your GPS, or enter them into a computer software application and then transfer the finished route to your unit, either by a data cable that connects your computer to your GPS, or by copying the route to a memory card and then inserting it into your GPS.

If your unit did not come with computer software, such as Garmin’s BaseCamp, free software is available at EasyGPS is a popular program that works with many GPS units. All coordinates were compiled using Terrain Navigator (standard edition) software (DATUM = NAD27). No coordinate should be more than 60 feet (approximately 18 meters) in error. Waypoints in general are at intersections, where the terrain presents interesting features, or at an obstacle we rate as difficult.


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