Chapter Two: Safety & Rules of the Road ( part 3)

momentum, but if your wheels start to spin, stop. As on a hill climb, turning your steering wheel back and forth rapidly may help you regain traction. If you get stuck, try backing out, again turning your steering wheel back and forth. If you remain mired, you will have to dig your way out. Put rocks and whatever is handy under the tires. Jacking up your vehicle may be difficult if the mud is soupy. Rules of the Road The following is reprinted with kind permission from Tracy Hackworth at Tread Lightly!, a nonprofit organization whose mission is “to promote responsible outdoor recreation through ethics education and stewardship.”

We are responsible for keeping these trails open for the enjoyment of our children and grandchildren. The principles here, if followed by all of us, will ensure they will be. Tread Lightly!’s website,, is a goldmine of information regarding all aspects of off-road travel and merits a visit.


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