Although we have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information herein, we and the publisher disclaim any and all liability for any loss, inconvenience, vehicle damage or personal injury that may occur to anyone who uses this guidebook. Driving the Great Western Trail in Arizona is not a survival manual.

Off-road travel always presents risks, and the mere fact that a trail or road has been described in this guide does not mean it will be safe for you to travel on it. Road conditions will change after floods, landslides, and other natural disasters, making the obstacles far worse than what we describe in this guide. It is therefore incumbent upon you to check road conditions and to know your vehicle’s limitations before driving any of these trails. We have written Driving the Great Western Trail in Arizona to help you enjoy the splendor of Arizona’s backcountry.

Although you can drive some sections of the trail in a passenger car, we assume you are an experienced off-road driver and will be driving a high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle that is properly maintained and equipped for travel on unmaintained, unpaved, primitive, and remote trails. Driving the Great Western Trail in Arizona is not an instruction manual for off-road driving, since experience driving on primitive roads can come only through practice under the guidance of an expert.

Nor is it intended to be the sole source of information regarding the Great Western Trail. Maps and other information are available at no charge from the Ranger Stations in the various forest districts. Be safe! Exercise caution, bring proper supplies, and be ready to treat injuries and to repair vehicle breakdowns yourself. It may be a long time before help reaches you on the more remote trails.


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