When Buying a New 4×4

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Buying a new 4×4 can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. To help the first time or even veteran purcha of a 4×4, there are five, proven tips to be concerned about:

1. Price: Nobody wants to pay more for a 4WD than they feel it’s worth. It’s equally important not to go over a buyer’s budget when shopping for such a vehicle. The key point to watch out for with price is if the buyer feels he’s getting enough value for the amount of money he has to pay. A new 4×4 is usually only purchased at a new car dealership, not through a private party, so the buyer can rest assured that the vehicle will be sold in superb condition, as it was just shipped from the factory. But to pay too much for an upscale, high end 4×4 just for status stake doesn’t make much sense when all the driver really needs is a capable, lower priced one.

2. Resale Value: It’s important that the buyer does some research and homework before purchasing into how a specific 4 x 4 holds its value over the many years he’ll usually be owning it. Some models from certain manufacturers simply maintain higher resale prices than others. No buyer wants to spend more for a 4 x 4 that will dramatically depreciate over just a few, short years. He wants to be able to obtain a significant amount when he sells it or trades it in down the road.

3. Comfort

Some 4×4 vehicles have a much harsher ride than others. But there are drivers who enjoy and actually prefer this. For those who don’t, it’s important to not only perform due diligence both online and from the automotive magazines, but to actually test drive the four wheel drive before making a final decision to purchase it or not. For families with children who drive it a lot, they’d most likely prefer a much softer ride, while those drivers who take it off road would require and demand a harsher comfort level. 4. Fuel Consumption: The biggest and heaviest of the 4×4 vehicles have the greatest consumption of petrol. If a buyer has the disposable income to accommodate these higher fuel prices, then it might not be problematic to purchase a huge 4WD. But if a driver is on a budget or he drives long distances every day, he should only consider those models which have the best fuel efficiency; otherwise he’ll be getting in over his head financially. More efficient fuel consumption is also much better for the environment. This is another factor that should be taken into consideration upon purchase.

5. Size: Some of the new 4×4 vehicles out there are so tall, long and wide that they’re extremely difficult to drive and park. But if a driver is a large sized individual, he may only be able to fit inside a 4WD with the most interior space and legroom, so he may be wise to opt for a larger SUV. Also, families that use the four wheel drive a lot or people who regularly carry many large items in their 4×4 might want to consider one of the larger models out there. For those buyers who enjoy more passenger room in the back seatsScience Articles, they’d most likely prefer the larger types of these vehicles as well. This factor is all a matter of personal preference based on the owner’s needs and desires.


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