Why You Should Bring a Friend When Buying a Car


It is a good idea to take a friend along with you when you go to buy a car. A friend will not only give you moral support, but will help to keep you from getting carried away with the delight of owning a new car. He will be able to help you look out for the best deal, and if you are buying a used car, will be able to help spot something that may be wrong with it.

Your friend can also give you a balance of power when you walk onto that car lot. The salesman knows everything about the cars he is selling – or tries to make you believe he does, while you may not know some of the things. Though hopefully you will have done quite a bit of research online to find out the details. Still the salesperson is trained in how to talk slick and get the best deal, so if you have a friend along with you, there will be two heads on your side instead of just one.

You’ll need to prime your friend to help you. When you go fo that test drive, get your friend to sit in the front passenger seat and have the salesman in the back, That way he won’t be taking your mind off the things you need to think about – how the car handles, braking, and all that. If the salesman i a chatterer, your friend can be the one to talk to him, while you concentrate on the driving.

Another thing your friend can do is intervene is an aside to you when the dealer assures you what a sweet deal this ca is, your friend can tell you that the Camry was a better one. This will disconcert the salesperson and keep the balance o power with you.

If you are a female, the salesman won’t be so likely to flirt with you or be patronising, if you have a friend along. And if your friend knows a bit about cars or is a mechanic, that is better still. He’ll be able to really inspect the car for you. He’ll be able to tell from the sound of the motor if anything major is wrong with it and if you let him drive it, he’ll often be able to tell you about things like braking, shock absorbers and clutch problems. All in all, it is a very good idea to take a friend along with you, whether you are buying a car or just looking at one.



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