What To Tell the Car Dealer During Negotiations

When you buy a car you will be spending a fairly large sum of money so it’s wise to make each dollar count and get the best deal you can. This applies whether you are to buy a used car or a new one. There are some things you should tell the car dealer that may swing the deal in your favor a little. For instance…

* Perhaps you’d really prefer another color, one that he doesn’t have. He’ll be likely to offer inducements to sell the one he’s got. Whether these come in the form of a cash reduction or some free extras eg, a full tank of gas, it will be worth considering.
* If you were offered a great deal by the competition, tell him about it.

* Tell him that you had no trouble paying the installments on your last car, but you’d like an even better deal with this one, since the prices of fuel have gone up.

* If you know a bit about cars and can see if it’s in good condition or not, tell him so. If you don’t, tell him that you’ll be getting your boyfriend / father / mechanic friend or whoever will be looking at the car to check it out. Say this before you get to the office to sign up.

* Let him know that you most certainly need to take it for a test drive, even if it is nearly closing time. Never buy a car without a test drive, even if it is new. You might just hate the way it handles.

* Tell him that you’ll only look at the cars you are interested in. Don’t let him persuade you to look at any others.

* Tell him you don’t want a cup of coffee, tea or any other drink if he asks. You’re there on business, not to socialize. Offering you something like this is only done in the hopes that you will lower your resistance to their sales ploys. They are in fact just buttering you up.

Remember that you are the one with the money and that gives you the right to call the shots. If a car salesman makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, exercise your right to walk out. There are plenty of cars in other car lots.


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