What NOT to Tell a Car Dealer When Buying a Car

There are some things you should definitely not tell that car dealer when you go to purchase a car. It doesn’t matter whether is a used car or a new car, these rules still apply.

* Do not tell him that you are in urgent need of a car. It will put you at a disadvantage. He will think of himself as the one who has what you want and that will make it a sellers market.

* Do not tell him that you’ve searched all over town and he is the only one with a car that you like. He’ll be likely to raise the price immediately.

* Do not tell him that you really like the type of car that he has for sale. The more he sees that you want it, the more he will feel justified in upping the price.

* If you recently won the lottery or inherited a large sum of money, don’t tell him. He’ll try and flog his most expensive car to you, or raise up the price on all the others. Not only that, but he won’t mention any ‘deals’ that could save you money.

* Don’t let on that you know next to nothing about car value or condition, even if it’s true. And if it is true, take along someone who does know a bit about both. Better still you might take the time to learn a bit about it yourself, just in case there is noone available.

* Don’t tell him that this will be the family’s second car or he’ll assume you have lots of money – and try to get as much of it as he can.

* Don’t tell him that you believe he’s honest. If he’s not, he’ll take you for a sucker.

* If the guy down the road gave you or a friend a bad deal, don’t tell him. Car salesmen are often drinking buddies and what you say about one will get passed around. You don’t want to find a libel suit pending.

* Don’t tell him it’s ‘only’ for your daughter/son/mother-in-law. He’ll assume it needn’t be a good buy and may try to sell you a bomb. If it really is for any one else, make that the reason you want one that’s dependable.

* Don’t tell him you will trade-in your old vehicle. He will factor this into his calculations.

If you keep these points in mind when you go to purchase that car, you’ll find that there is less chance of getting a bad deal.


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