The Best Time of Day to Buy a New Car

Is there a best time of day to go out and buy that new car? Lot’s of people think that 15 minutes before closing is a good time. They hope the salesman will be anxious to go home and so will just give them what they want at a great deal with no haggling. This might be so in some cases, but you run the risk of meeting up with the guy who hasn’t sold a car all week and is desperate to get a great commission. He could lock the place up with just you and him inside and keep you there till midnight, wearing you down until you are so tired you’ll agree to what ever he says just to get out of that freezing place and home to bed.

So let’s look at the scenario from the opposite end of the time scale. What about getting in there early, say right at opening? Will the dealer be properly awake? Will you be able to swing that deal your way with no trouble? Unfortunately, he may be even more awake and alert than you are. In fact you may be so early that you’ll have half a dozen salespeople descend on you, all eager to get their first sale for the day. On the other hand, they might be busy with their opening up jobs and feel annoyed that they haven’t had a chance to finish them and get organized.

Then again, if you are not a morning person, you may not be operating at your most efficient peak. This will give the salesperson an edge and you might be persuaded to do something you’ll regret later – like signing on that dotted line. So what about mid-morning? They could offer you a coffee and that will get your mind off what you need to remember – those low interest rates you researched on the Internet. Or what you really wanted in a car.

Lunchtime or midafternoon? Again, it depends on your own peak efficiency time. If that happens to be around lunchtime or midafternoon, then go for it. But make sure you’ve eaten before you go. You’ll need stamina to outfox those wily salespeople.

There is really no best time of day to buy a car. Most of the time you have to go and look at the time that suits you best and sometimes you need to fit in with other people in the family. If you need to pick little Johnny up from a football game at a certain time, you’ll be thinking about that instead of matching wits with the salesperson. So choose the time of day that suits you best and you’ll be happy.


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