Sales Tactics You Should Watch Out for When Buying a Car

When you go to buy a car, it is a big decision and should not be entered into lightly. You need to consider many things about price, make, model, and even color. You need to compare prices. This all takes a great deal of time, but salesmen often try to hurry the process. To them, time is money. Some car salesmen are shameless and resort to all kinds of tactics to get you to sign on the dotted line quickly when purchasing that car. Here are some tips to watch out for.

  • * A popular ploy many salesmen use is to tell you that someone else is due to look at your preferred car that very afternoon so if you don’t make the decision now, you’ll probably miss out on it. Some will even have a set time and get a friend to come and pretend he wants the car.
  • * If you seem unable to make up your mind, he may have pre-arranged for the girl in the office call him on his cell phone. Then he’ll tell you he has to see another important client very soon, but he’ll wait a few more minutes for your decision.
  • * He’ll go to great lengths to assure you that this car only had one owner who hardly ever used it. It’s usually a little old lady who only went to the supermarket and back in it once a week.
  • * He’ll warn you of a soon to be implemented price rise – that you’ll just escape if you sign today.
  • * He’ll mention that some other salesman in some other town is about to collect the car for one of his customers to  look at, so it won’t be available tomorrow.
  • * He may say that this is his afternoon to leave work early and he cannot vouch for others to keep the car for you.
  • * He may assure you that this model is so popular that there are not many more left, so if you don’t decide on it now, you could miss out. There won’t be any more delivered for months.
  • * He may tell you that there is a specific deal on that car, but it ends at 5pm today. Aren’t you lucky to get it at that price?
  • * He may say that he is the only one who can get you this good deal, but his holidays start tomorrow.

You’ll soon get to know if a salesman is sincere. Watch his eyes; if he can’t look you in the eyes while he is speaking, suspect a lie. Watch his body language; if he laughs a lot, crosses his arms, speaks quickly, or turns away from you often, be suspicious.



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