How To Research Your Chosen Vehicle and Save Money

After doing the driving lessons in London, you have to think about buy a car for yourself. Before you go out to buy that car, it might pay to do some research on it. If it is a used car, you will need to find out if it really is worth the amount it is advertised at. There are many websites that allow you to type in make and model of a car and get details of what it is worth. Ideally, you should make a folder especially for all the information you will get from various sources. It’s easy to forget or confuse one set of information with another.

Trading magazines will give you a good idea of what a particular make and model of car is selling for, and you can watch the ads in the newspaper and at used car lots. Be sure to save all the data and put it into your folder. But price is not the only thing you want to find out.

If your chosen vehicle is a used car, it should be possible to find out where it came from. If the owner lived by the water, you should look for possible rust. This can be a point in your favor if the salesperson is trying to drive a hard bargain. Cars that have been flooded are often cleaned up and shipped to another state to sell. The same applies to cars that have been in an accident.

To research your chosen vehicle, go to a website like or and type in the vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number). These services are free, but you must give your email address so they can send you the information. You’ll soon find out the history of the car and it could save you a great deal of money.

New car pricing info can be had from, Autoweb,, Invoice Dealers and others. They will give you prices on new and used cars and also the dealer invoice price for new cars. It’s much easier to do this research online rather than drive all over town hunting down prices. Always get at least three quotes for a new car. They will all vary. The way to get the best price on your chosen vehicles is with competing quotes. You should never go to a car yard without your quotes to compare with their prices.

These days, many sites (eg, sell new cars directly through the site. This could be a good option for you, particularly if you hate facing salespeople. They often will give you a great deal and deliver the car to your driveway. They can offer these deals by cutting out the middleman, as it were, putting you in touch with a fleet manager who does not work on commissions.

It is certainly worth the extra effort to research before you buy. It could save you thousands.



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