7 must know tips to pass the driving test in easy

Car becomes a certain part of our modern living now, let’s imagine how terrible this world will be if we does’t have cars . According to an recently report, the UK driving licence increases 20 000 units each year in the last 10 years. Car driving test doesn’t like other examinations, the feeling that sit in the car to drive for the test is  so flutter. Get the driving licence you can go to a lot Of place to discover this big world, so it’s very important to passing the driving test. Here are 7 tips of our driving lessons that help you pass the test easier.

1. Do not just worry about the test, get in the car and start to practice

A lot of experience driving instructors advise the learners to spend about 40 hours in professional training and about 20 hours in private practice. Make sure that you learn to drive with the instructor the suitable for you,  you should read ” How to choose the best driving instructor for yourself”. Beside, ask some friend to practice driving with isn’t bad idea, you can feel very comfortable when next to you is your familiar friend instead of a fastidious instructor.

2. Everything will be OK, if you fail we will re-train you without fee :D. Relax ….

A lot of student get nervous when they face with the moment of the test. Our constructors have to talk to them so much to make sure that they are in best psychology before the test appointment. Our advice include take a deep breath, count from 1 to 10 and then exhale. Do this several times before the test, it is so effective to calm down and confident in yourself.

We prepare to make sure that all of our student are ready 100% before the test, so the total result after the test never make us disappointed.

3. Warm up like an  athletic.

Many students talk to me that, a few weeks ago before the real test, the practice result of them was very good. But they can’t imagine that their heads were empty when entering the real test with the examiners. This common problem is cause of the candidates forgot a lot about the road, the potholes, the rules, …. after many days that they finish the practice course. So, how to solve this problem? It’s easy, booking a lesson near the test centre before the test appointment date. In this way, you will take the test right after your practice course, avoid driving cold in the real test. You can check the areas that have driving school that nearest your house to book an cheap course.

4. Learn by heart the route

Practicing as much as possible and remember the route that you will drive in the test. Why do you have to do this?  Make sure that when in the test you don’t need to think and calculate any thing, just follow  instructor guide before and you will pass your test easily. To know the route carefully, practice with the instructors in intensive driving course, your friend and privately if you can.

5. Do not make the common mistake

According to our experience, the most common driving test mistake are:

  • Forget to check mirrors
  • Inadequate observation when parking or moving
  • Choose the wrong position at junctions and roundabouts
  • Can’t control the speed in the safe range

6. Asking to make sense

Many student came to us and complain that their before instructors doesn’t want to answer their questions. They are fear to ask them, but in our school this case doesn’t happen. Why? To help the student understand everything, it is good if you answer all of them questions, but it is better if constructors ask student many question to determine how they understand the issue. For example, in our course we give an checklist of common question for all of instructors to ask their students. In this way, we make sure that student will understand everything about the test.

7. Focus on the road

The examiners do what they have do, your mission is driving, yes, just driving. Do what constructors tough you before, do not care about the examiners. Don’t look at them  and ask yourself if you right or wrong and forget your car, your route.

Focus on the road, concentrate on your performance, it is the key to  pass this driving test.

Above are 7 tips that you have to know before take the driving test, we hope that you will perform as much as you can with these guide! Follow us to read more about the driving test !


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